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"ToneQuest is the tone freak's bible." --David Lindley

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 Guitar Player's Guide to Inspiring Tone

Discover why thousands of experienced guitarists around the world have relied on the ToneQuest Report since 1999! Finding your unique, signature guitar tone and voice is a profoundly important, personal journey that can be incredibly rewarding and equally complex, time-consuming, hit or miss, and very expensive.

"Compliments of Jackson Browne" original album art, Jackson Browne Solo Acoustic Vol. 1&2

Every month The ToneQuest Report delivers timely reviews of new and vintage gear for guitarists, in-depth interviews with guitarists who have made the journey... insightful interviews with accomplished guitar, amp and pickup builders, plus reviews and tips on speakers, effects, tubes, guitar amplifier modifications... everything in the chain that defines your tone. The bottom line is this - When you sound better, you play better, and when you subscribe to The ToneQuest Report, you do so backed by our unconditional money-back guarantee. You risk nothing but uninspiring tone!

Your latest interview with Jackson is spectacular — you’ve outdone yourself this time. Great questions, inviting and complicated artist.”   Martin Klein

ToneQuest Advisory Board Member & King Daddy of Tone, Billy F. Gibbons


The ToneQuest Report is the Tonefreak's bible." - David Lindley

Music from featured artists

Depend on TQR to feature unique artists and the gear that inspires their extraordinary music, so please sit back, relax and experience the music of just a few of the very special guitarists we have featured in The ToneQuest Report.

Vintage Trouble - Run Outta You

Open Playlist
Visit to purchase "The Bomb Shelter Sessions," tour info and more.

Peter Frampton & Gordon Kennedy - Float

Open Playlist
ToneQuest Board Members Peter Frampton and Gordon Kennedy from Peter's Grammy award winning Fingerprints CD.

Jim Campilongo & Norah Jones - Sweet Dreams

Open Playlist

Michael Guthrie - Some Other Place

Open Playlist
Classic track using Michael's vintage fawn AC-30, '50s Duo Jet & Watkins CopiCat Echo.

Jim McCarty & the Helldrivers - I Wanna Be Your Dog

Open Playlist
Jim's latest Detroit band includes his long time pal from the Detroit Wheels, drummer Johnny 'Bee' Badjanek.

Eric Burdon - Kingsize Jones

Open Playlist
This track from Eric's recent release "Soul of a Man" rocks!

Phil Brown - All That You Dream

Open Playlist
What can be said about Phil Brown...

Tommy Malone - Lead Us Home

Open Playlist
Guitar and vocals

Walter Trout - Working Class

Open Playlist
Hold on!

Webb Wilder - Jimmy Reed Is the King of Rock and Roll

Open Playlist

Mark Selby - Guitar in the Rain

Open Playlist

Sean Costello - I'm Going Home

Open Playlist
Rest in peace, Sean.