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Recommended Suppliers


Top players and guitar builders rely on Allparts for the right guitar and bass parts they need, in stock and ready to ship. AllParts offers a complete range of finished and unfinished guitar bodies in a variety of premium tone woods, including alder and swamp ash, with optional highly figured maple tops. Finishes include all of the most popular vintage colors, including see–through blonde! Premium necks are also available with maple, rosewood, and ebony fingerboards in a variety of neck shape profiles, with or without binding. [READ MORE...]

Carr Amplifiers

An amplifier is an extension of a guitarist’s heart and soul, and everyone working at Carr Amps is a guitarist with a deep love and appreciation for the music we make with the guitar. We first spoke with Steve Carr and featured reviews of his first six amps in February, 2001 when Steve described the genesis of his company. [READ MORE...]

Celestion Limited

Nobody knows more than Celestion about guitar loudspeaker design and manufacture. Think of your all-time favourite guitar riffs and solos, chances are, they were played through Celestion guitar loudspeakers. For the last fifty years - since the birth of the Celestion Blue (the first ever purpose-built guitar loudspeaker) - our magical mix of metal paper and magnets has formed an essential part of the sound of guitar music. [READ MORE...]

Collings Guitars

Bill Collings’ story provides a classic example of what can be achieved with an engineer’s brain, a machinists’ hand and an experienced repairman’s eye. After dropping out of medical school in Ohio to work in a machine shop, Collings moved to Texas in the mid 1970’s where the experience he gained repairing and restoring guitars guided his design of the first Collings guitars. His understanding of the flaws and shortcomings found in production instruments was instructive, and he set out to eliminate those shortcomings with the very first Collings guitars. [READ MORE...]

CP Thornton

Chuck Thornton builds his exquisite guitars in Sumner, Maine, a town of fewer than one thousand souls on the banks of the Nezinscot River. Chuck fell in love with the guitar at the age of eight, he played in various bands through his teens and eventually attended the Berklee School of Music for a year, when he realized that a life as a guitar player might not be in his future. [READ MORE...]

Dave’s Guitar Shop

Dave’s Guitar Shop offers guitars by Fender, Gibson, PRS, National, Taylor, Gretsch, Ernie Ball, Rickenbacker, Martin, Suhr, Collings, Tom Anderson and many other fine new and used instruments, plus new and used amplifiers such as Fender, Victoria, and Dr. Z, plus hundreds of guitar effects, and aftermarket pickups from Seymour Duncan, and more. Due to their inventory of over 3,000 guitars, amps, and accessories, Dave’s is an excellent resource for top of the line Custom Shop and Historic reissues, to intermediate new and used gear. [READ MORE...]


Eminence is proud to present the Patriot and Redcoat series of guitar speakers. Incorporating both British and American cone technology into speakers that we manufacture in the USA gives us the ability to provide you with virtually any tone you desire. Be it British or American, clean or dirty, big bass or screaming highs, we have a speaker that will allow you to “Pick Your Sound.” [READ MORE...]

Evidence Audio

“Everything I do is voiced with the same goal in mind. All my cables are designed to “disappear” as much as possible without imparting any signature of their own on the signal path.” —Tony Farinella, Founder, Evidence Audio. [READ MORE...]

Fish Guitar

There are quite a few custom guitar builders working today, but no one... and we mean no one builds eminently playable works of art like Billy Rhinehart in Athens, Ohio. His website pays tribute to his first fish guitar, but Billy crafts electric guitars and brilliant lap steels in many more varied shapes and winsome designs than mere fish... [READ MORE...]


Widely recognized as the premier designer and manufacturer of acoustic amplification products, Fishman is committed to making acoustic musicians heard while faithfully maintaining their own natural tone, for the best possible sound. [READ MORE...]

Fralin Pickups

Lindy Fralin has been a creative force in the guitar and bass pickup industry for over twenty five years and his guitar pickups are relied on by some of the greatest and most accomplished guitarists on the planet. Fralin Pickups began in the historic Fan District in Richmond, Virginia. Lindy’s passion for guitars and the glorious sounds they make led him to begin acquiring broken pickups from local music stores and rewinding them with a winder built from a sewing machine motor and a variac in a coffee can. [READ MORE...]


Now more than ever, guitarists are reaping the benefits of technical innovations in string making that have led to the widest selection of guitar strings ever available. is dedicated to providing guitarists with the largest selection of acoustic, roundwound, and flatwound strings, complimented by exceptional personalized service and outstanding value. [READ MORE...]

Kimsey Lutherie

Bryan Kimsey is an accomplished craftsman with a passion for fixing up old Martin guitars. He is also a cattle rancher who plays with dirt bikes and there is a fascinating blog on his website that chronicles the adventures of him and his son hunting elk on the high plains of New Mexico. Bryan graduated from South Plains College in 1982 with a degree in Country/Bluegrass Music. Musically, he competed in the Walnut Valley National Flatpicking Contest five times and the National Mandolin Contest twice. [READ MORE...]

Lollar Pickups

What started more than three decades ago with one man building guitars and winding his own pickups has become the standard of what a high-quality pickup should be. With a product and service lineup featuring pickups for electric guitar, bass, steel guitar, and more, as well as custom items and vintage pickup repair, Lollar Pickups has been an authority in the field since 1995— the choice of many of the most highly respected instrument manufacturers and found on stage and in studios with countless professionals around the world. Every Lollar pickup is handmade with pride in Tacoma, WA, USA and hand signed by its maker.



There are a lot of guitar amplifiers being built today— more than you could ever experience in a single lifetime as a guitarist. At Magnatone, we understand that buying a new, hand-wired custom amplifier is a big deal and a very important decision. So naturally you might ask, “Why buy a Magnatone?” Our amplifiers quite literally speak for themselves... and all deliver True Dimensional Sound. [READ MORE...]


Juha Ruokangas is the founder and sole owner of Ruokangas Guitars (est. 1995). He designs all the Ruokangas guitar models, and builds them together with his small dream team in Finland. Juha is one of the very few Finnish luthiers with a Master’s Degree, and his guitars are regarded in various books, magazines and other independent sources as some of the finest in the world. Juha is also a co-founder and the vice president of EGB (European Guitar Builders association) and the chairman of Guild of Finnish Luthiers. [READ MORE...]

Stewart MacDonald

Stewart MacDonald offers a complete line of hard–to–find tools, parts, accessories, instructional videos and books for building, repairing, setting up, and optimizing the playability and tone of stringed instruments. Whether you are just getting started or you’re a seasoned luthier, you’ll find everything you need in the Stew–Mac catalog, including: fret wire, finishing supplies, glues and adhesives, wood, bodies, necks, binding, tuners, nuts and saddles, inlay, bridges, tailpieces, electronics, pickups, and free information sheets and professional advice! [READ MORE...]

The Speaker Workshop

The Speaker Workshop is our only choice for expert speaker reconing and restoration. Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the staff at the Speaker Workshop are true experts at reconing all types of loud speakers for guitar, home audio and automotive use. From vintage Jensens to Celestion, Pyle, JBL Eminence, Electro-Voice, Fane, Altec Lansing, Fender, Marshall, Peavey, Pyle, and Sunn and more, the Speaker Workshop will expertly recone your blown or damaged speakers and fully resurrect and reawaken the original tone, power and fidelity you should expect from an artfully reconed speaker. [READ MORE...]


Truetone (formerly known as Visual Sound) was launched by Bob Weil in his apartment in 1995. With a mix of innovative ideas, and plain old hard work, Bob became a member of the vanguard of stomp box builders that in the mid 1990’s turned the effects world on its ear with new and exciting designs that finally gave guitarists everywhere a new pallet of tones to work with. [READ MORE...]

Warehouse Guitar Speakers

Warehouse Guitar Speakers® LLC: is an Internet-based retail speaker supplier and manufacturer based in Paducah, KY— an area of the country with a long history in speaker manufacturing that includes the original CTS company, Credence Speakers, Voice Communication Coil, and Hawley Products— the oldest cone manufacturer in the world. When an OEM speaker manufacturer needed to clear warehouse space in 2006, WGS was born and began manufacturing and selling American-assembled guitar speakers to the public. [READ MORE...]

WD Music Products

For almost 4 decades WD Music Products® has been providing quality service and parts to satisfied working musicians, repair shops, custom instrument builders and OEMs. WD® Pickguards pioneered the field of aftermarket pickguards and continues to lead the way in the niche we created since 1978. We have manufactured thousands of pickguards by hand from popular original examples that became stock tooling to custom designs created to give a personal touch and originality to someone’s prized instrument. If you need a stock replacement without customization or would like a design you have created become reality, we can make it happen. [READ MORE...]