ToneQuest Report: April 2005 – Vol. 6 No. 6


  • The Speaker Issue… Coils, Spiders And Cones
  • Interview – Chris Rose On The Eminence Redcoat And Patriot Series
  • Review – Are Your Speakers Lame? Light Up Your Tone With The Easiest “Amp Mod” You Can Do & More Solid Choices Than Ever Before…
  • Reviews – The Eminence Patriot & Redcoat Series With Chris Rose, Straight From Eminence, KY!
  • Review – Speaker Reviews… Our Picks From Eminence
  • Reviews – More Speaker Tips From Todd Sharp
  • Review – The 1×12 Amp That Changes Everything… The Fender Brown Vibrolux Part 2
  • Review – The Myth Of The Low Power Brown Twin Amp…Fake Or Fact? You Be The Judge…
  • Review – Affordable Vintage Guitars – We Uncover Another Sleeper From Nashville…
  • Who’s Playing What? Buddy Guy…

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