Vol. 20 No.12 Oct 2019

Vol. 20 No.12 Oct 2019
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 A Collection Of Our Most Intense 20th Anniversary Rants Selected Especially For You!

Cesar Diaz On Stevie and Tone

Hubert Sumlin I'll Play Any Of 'Em

Billy F Gibbons On The 'Burst

Leslie West It Was a Piece Of  Wood With A Microphone On It

Peter Frampton Unveils His Marshall Rig!

Eric Burdon On Hendrix...

Double Trouble, Trouble Indeed

Stephen Bruton The Dumble Is My Voice

Larry Cragg Neil Young's Toneman Speaks

JImbo Mathis Straight (well not really) From Clarksdale

Bakos Amp Works There Is No Substitute For Thinking...

Big Tex MiningThe Pawn Shops In Houston

Jim Campilongo, I Work Hard At Playing Melodies




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