Vol. 7 No. 11 - September 2006

Vol. 7 No. 11 - September 2006
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The Welder – Meet Neil Young's guitar tech since 1976, Larry Cragg...
Larry's tone tips, plus, we lift the veil on Neil's rig...
The Whizzer, tweed Deluxe, Magnatone 280, Baldwin Exterminator, Old Black & More
Review – The Unbelievable Vox AC50
Review – Our 2006 Historic '57 Les Paul Junior
Review – The Quest for Ragged Glory... Avatar 4x12 cab with Hellatones and the new Vox Gold G12H Alnico's
Review – Direct chain drive... bypassing the volume pot
Review – Larry's tips on water buffalo horn and ebony bridge pins
Review – The C.F. Martin 110
Review – The Jangle Box
Review – The state of new old stock tubes


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