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Now more than ever, we're confronted with hard choices when it comes to evaluating and choosing the tools that define our sound as guitarists. Top artists can rely on their contacts in artist relations to keep them abreast of the latest innovations and cool tools, and now, you can too.

The companies found in our professional resource directory are many of the most innovative providers of premium products and services for guitarists in the world. We invite you to get to know them, and confidently rely on the members of our directory in your ongoing Quest for Tone. Without exception, you'll find our directory members to be knowledgeable, helpful, and ready to discuss your needs, whether you're considering a new amplifier or guitar, guitar effects, tubes, pickups, speakers, or restoration and repair services. You'll sound better and play better with expert advice and guidance available from our professional resource directory members, and you'll also make some valuable new friends along the way. Enjoy...

AllParts • Houston, TX • 713-466-6414

Top players and guitar builders rely on Allparts for the right guitar and bass parts they need, in stock and ready to ship. Allparts offers a complete range of finished and unfinished guitar bodies in a variety of premium tone woods, including alder and swamp ash, with optional highly figured maple tops. Finishes include all of the most popular vintage colors, including see-through blonde. Premium necks are also available with maple, rosewood, and ebony fingerboards in a variety of neck shape profiles, with or without binding. Custom design your next guitar with Allparts, including tailpieces, tuning keys, bridges, nuts and saddles, pickups, pickguards (that really fit), knobs, hardware, and electronics for many popular models. Bass players and lefties can also find the parts they need at Allparts! You can also rely on Allparts for hard to find parts along with vacuum tubes and amplifier hardware.

Amplified Partsinfo@amplifiedparts.com • Tempe, AZ • 480-296-0890

Amplified Parts was created to serve musicians who wish to optimize their sound or simply repair, restore or optimize their amplifiers and guitars. Amplified Parts is a new entity itself, but as a DBA of Antique Electronic Supply, LLC (tubesandmore.com), it is backed by over 25 years of experience serving the electronic hobbyist market. We are a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau.

Amplified Parts is intended to serve the needs of the musician who may not possess a technical background, but wants to create his/her own sound or tone by modifying their existing amplifier or guitar. Our wide range of products include JJ, TAD, Electro-Harmonix and Winged C vacuum tubes, Jensen and Celestion replacement speakers, a comprehensive selection of guitar and amplifier replacement parts that include, pickups, effects, bridges, saddles and tuners, potentiometers, capacitors and our exclusive MOD authentic, vintage-correct reverb tanks, plus tools and supplies for amp and guitar repair and maintenance, reference books, and accessories.

We believe that every musician is unique, and deserves easy access to the equipment, tools and resources necessary to create his/her own tone. Amplified Parts is dedicated to helping you sound your very best.

Analog Man • Bethel, CT • 203-778-6658

Analog Man (Mike Piera) is one of the premier guitar effects dealers and manufacturers serving professional players worldwide. Analog Man is unique, since it manufactures, modifies, buys, sells, and repairs vintage and new guitar effects. Specializing in vintage and high-end effects, you won't find cheap Taiwanese "happy meal" style, toy effects there. Analog Man is dedicated to helping you successfully pursue your quest for tone, and every customer is treated as a prospective friend. There are now Analog Friends all over the world with the common interest of vintage guitars and effects. Analog Man can meet all your effects needs, including: Buying and selling vintage, new, and custom built effects, and modifying pedals to sound and function better. A full repair service, including referrals to specialists. Creating the best new effects with vintage values, schematics, and original owner's manual copies. FREE help with effects problems by e-mail or in our Web Forum, plus professional consultation and technical services.

Analog Man specializes in pedal modifications for the Ibanez and Maxon Tube Screamers and several Boss pedals (SD-1, DS-1, BD-2, DD5, etc). They also modify Fuzzfaces to vintage germanium specs. Analog Man hand-built pedals include the Clone chorus, Comprossors, and Sun Face fuzz pedals. There are 3 versions of the Comprossors available, based on the Ross style and/or the Orange Squeezer style of compression. Other hand-made pedals available from Analog Man include the FOXROX Captain Coconut and TZF flanger, Teese RMC wahs, Z Vex, Black Cat, Tubester, Ultravibe, Pedaltrain and George L cables. Mike maintains excellent relationships with these manufacturers to insure that quality and service standards are high. Please check the web site for more information, and e-mail if possible. If you must call, please mention ToneQuest and they'll make time to help you.

Bakos Ampworks and Studio • Atlanta, GA • 404-607-8426

Jeff Bakos Bakos is one of the top amplifier tech’s and independent recording engineers in the Southeast. To quote Jeff, “ I’ve seen just about everything there is in here except a Dumble.” Well, now he's seen that too as we recently completed our review of John Mayer's Dumble Overdrive Special in March 06.

Jeff has worked on thousands of new and vintage amps, he is an authorized warranty repair tech for Fender and Mesa Engineering, among others, and in addition to having restored and maintained practically every vintage amp ever made (except Dumble’s), Jeff has filled his Atlanta recording studio with a remarkable collection of vintage amplifiers, including tweed, brown, and blackface Fenders, Marshalls, Ampegs, and Hiwatts. If you want it done right the first time and sounding good, Jeff is your man in the Southeast.

Callaham Guitarscallaham@callahamguitars.com • Winchester, VA • 540-678-4043

Callaham Vintage Guitars & Amps Bill Callaham is a builder of exceptional electric guitars that exceed the original quality, tone, and beauty of the vintage models that inspire his work. "Better than vintage" is an apt description for the Callaham "S" and "T" model electric guitars that feature premium lightweight ash and alder bodies, custom hand-shaped rock maple necks, and cryogenically treated Lindy Fralin pickups specially wound to Callaham's specifications for true vintage tone. Bill also offers cryogenically treated, pre-wired vintage pick guards for Strat style guitars, and his exclusive formula for cold-rolled steel alloy tremolo blocks continue to delight players around the world with improved resonance and sustain. Callaham vintage saddles also improve sustain while minimizing string fatigue and breaks. Additional Strat parts include stainless steel trem arms, string ferrules, bridge plates and mounting screws, and string retainers. Attention Tele Players! Callaham now offers a complete line of custom Tele parts. Please visit their web site for information on pre-wired control plates with premium pots, capacitors, and cloth-covered wire, specially wound and cryogenically treated Fralin vintage Tele pickups, compensated brass bridge saddles, bridge plates, knobs, jacks, tuners and string trees! The only thing better than Callaham parts is a Callaham guitar. We said that, and you can take it to the bank.

Carr Amps • Steve Carr, Founder • 919-545-0747

Like you, all of us at Carr Amplifiers are guitarists. We share your love of the guitar, and we feel very fortunate to build amplifiers for a living at our shop in Pittsboro, North Carolina. And although we are understandably proud of our unique circuit designs, meticulous point-to-point construction, premium components and hand-crafted cabinets, our success has ultimately been the result of one simple fact; discerning guitarists continue to enthusiastically embrace the tone, reliability and versatile nature of our amplifiers. Perhaps it's because we view guitar amps as being as much an instrument as the guitar itself, and we truly believe that an amplifier should become a personal extension of every player. To that end, we strive to design and build amps with a distinct character and sonic personality, and the flexibility and practical features that will inspire you to create your very own signature sound at volume levels appropriate for home, studio and stage. Models include: The Lincoln (19w) embraces the simple Lone Wolf vibe yet goes so much further with ultra-expanded tonal range and the convenience of channel switching. This American intrusion into Vox territory features sparkling cleans to heavy overdrive all at the tap of a toe, lush reverb available on both channels, and a two-position power attenuator for the full 18 giggable watts, or a house-trained 6 watts, and a 12” Celestion Creamback M65.

The clean channel chimes along in a Voxy way, i.e., The Jam. The dirty channel gets more into Jeff Beck’s Yardbirds tone, and the boost takes that channel into Randy Rhoads/Van Halen territory, both of which are loads of fun! This is an explosive amplifier and must be heard to be believed.

Channel 1: Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb and a Normal/Bright mini-toggle

Channel 2: Drive, Tone, Master, Reverb and a Low/High min-toggle

The Raleigh (3w) is a versatile practice/studio amp designed to deliver both pristine cleans and heavily overdriven tones at usable volumes. The clean side has startling clarity, and the dirty side is fantastically dirty! Two extremes in one amp. The Raleigh’s styling pays homage to the funky practice amps of the late 50s and early 60s.

The Impala (44w) is one of those very rare amps that can do it all. From sweet glassy clean tones to pushed, in your face, American overdrive---you will find it here. The control panel is deceptively simple with its ultra wide range Volume control the star. At lower settings the Impala stays in the 60s American clean voice while taking the Volume past 3 o’clock brings in heightened preamp toothy overdrive. The Master Volume allows you to dial in the right amount of power tube thickness and overall loudness. Amazing with pedals due to its wonderful solidity and openness.

The Slant 6V (40w) offers an impressive array of legendary American and British tones, and unprecedented versatility and usable power without sacrificing warmth, clarity, and hand-built all tube tone that are the hallmark of our amplifiers. At the heart of the Slant 6V are two independent footswitchable channels; Channel One bridges our shimmering clean tone with gutbucket, overdriven blues, while the dual gain settings on Channel Two offer pure tube crunch, soaring sustain and fluid dynamic response. The Slant 6V can be operated at half-power in cathode bias (18W) or fixed bias mode (22W), yielding tones reminiscent of early tweed and AC-style tones combos in cathode mode, and a punchier, more tightly defined sound in the fixe bias mode. And at full power, the Slant 6V runs four 6V6tubes split in cathode and fixed bias pairs, placing every conceivable classic tube tone at your fingertips.


The Skylark (12w) is the ultimate low-powered American inspired amp! The Skylark idea began with our love and appreciation for classic home/student 60s American amps such as the Harvard to name but one. These small student amps delivered organic tube juice and vibe at real world volumes, making them super usable and very satisfying. Our Skylark takes all this fun utility a giant leap forward.

Spring reverb, built in power attenuator, Hi/Lo Gain switch, and the extended range Presence control offer an incredible pallet of tones from the Skylark’s beautiful dove-tailed cabinet. This amp goes from the round clarity of Joe Maphis to the nasty savagery of Hound Dog Taylor.

The Sportsman—(19w) Fusing the insistent purity of 60s American 1x10 reverb-style amps with the more aggressive dual 6V6 power section on the late 50s, we bring you the Sportsman! Tones ranging from clear and snappy to Texas pushed twang to intercontinental grind are all under the hood of the Sportsman! The combination of Volume, Headroom, and Mid controls puts the entire tonal palette at your calloused fingertips!

The Rambler—(14/28w) is a wonderful all around amplifier. It delivers a classic American Deluxe tone with dramatically expanded clean headroom, solid bass response, and the included option of 28w Pentode and 14w Triode. The Rambler is warm, crystalline, and very seductive with a high threshold of clean tone. The Rambler is considered by many to be the quintessential club amp, voiced to meet the needs of virtually any player, all types of music, and is the perfect platform for all types of pedals.

The Viceroy (7/33w) is a little boogie amp, built small and tough, like little pit bull. This 6L6 amp is biased deeply into Class A, yielding a pushed, ready-to-jump feel, explosive and forward tilting. It distorts in a large curd Tweedish way when cranked. It’s got plenty of power, warmth, clarity, and a few features. The Mid-Boost is footswitch-controlled and frees up a blast of mids for your disposal during a solo. The pot on that footswitch allows you to preset the level, like any pedal. 7/33 watts rotary switch allows you to start off the evening in 7 watts with plenty of power, setting your tone to your taste, then pop it up to 33 watts when the crowd shows up, folks get drunker, and the drummer starts playing louder, and you’ll never have a problem being heard, and it doesn’t change your tone when you use it. The Drive pot is a cool Viceroy feature that adds grit and hair to your basic clean tone, also adding a touch of volume. I call this the “Mick Taylor pot.” Features include reverb, 7/33 watt power selector, variable Drive, foot-switchable mid-boost

The Bloke – Macho 70s to 80s overdrive with a stripped-down, super-usable feature set. For those who crave honest, dynamic tube crunch with firm low end, we salute you! The Sportsman – Inspired by mid '60s American reverb-type amps, the Carr Sportsman is a versatile performer in a compact and portable package. Artemus – Archetypal EL84 tone meets 21st century innovation. The Artemus will expand your notion of what the British AC-inspired amp can do. More dynamic, more expressive - simplicity redefined. Raleigh – Three watts, three knobs, two personalities. The Raleigh is a stylish and versatile practice and recording amp. The Viceroy – The 33/7 watt Viceroy is our newest dual 6L6, classically American amplifier designed to deliver a full range of clean and overdriven sounds for home, stage, and studio. Mercury – With selectable power from 8 watts down to 1/10th of a watt, the single EL34 powered Mercury is ideal for apartments, studios, and intimate performance venues. Rambler – Our flagship amp. With its high headroom, the 28/14 watt, dual 6L6 Rambler delivers rich, clean tones at levels suitable for home, clubs, and studios. Slant 6V – With four 6V6 power tubes, full/half power modes, and two footswitchable channels - clean and overdrive, the 40 watt Slant 6V is our most versatile stage amp. We sincerely appreciate your interest in Carr Amplifiers, and as you consider the models described in detail on our web site or in a dealer showroom, we invite you to contact us personally here in Pittsboro to assist you in choosing the best Carr amp for your needs.

Carr Amplifiers is a small company located in downtown Pittsboro, NC. With six dedicated full-time craftsmen Carr Amps kicks out some of the best-made, professional grade, and dimensional-sounding tools a guitarist can have, whether onstage or at home.

Carr Amps models are all:

hand-wired using true point to point construction.

  1. Loaded with premium electronic components, i.e., Solen capacitors.

  2. Equipped with cabinets made in-house from local NC yellow pine with dovetailed joints for tank-like sturdiness.

  3. Issued a lifetime warranty for the original owner.

  4. Made by Americans at a fair wage.




Celestion International Ltdsales@celestion.com • OEM contact Andy Farrow 732-683-2356 • Retail & distribution contact John Sanchez 732-683-2356

Nobody knows more than Celestion about guitar loudspeaker design and manufacture. Think of your all-time favourite guitar riffs and solos, chances are, they were played through Celestion guitar loudspeakers. For the last fifty years - since the birth of the Celestion Blue (the first ever purpose-built guitar loudspeaker) - our magical mix of metal paper and magnets has formed an essential part of the sound of guitar music. Some of the greatest speakers available today are part of the Celestion Classic Series. Over the years, we've applied our design expertise to build a range of speakers that will give you classic Celestion tone, no matter what style you play. The Alnico Series and the Heritage Series, both hand-built in Ipswich, England, are the result of meticulous attention to detail, created for those who are absolutely dedicated to the pursuit of true Vintage tone.For high-volume OEMs, Celestion Originals represent outstanding value for money. We have the specialist experience coupled with the most advanced, high-volume manufacturing techniques to deliver Celestion tone, quality and brand appeal at extremely competitive prices.


Collings Guitars • Austin, TX • 512-288-7776

Bill Collings' story provides a classic example of what can be achieved with an engineer's brain, a machinists' hand and an experienced repairman's eye for structural integrity and design. After dropping out of medical school in Ohio to work in a machine shop, Collings moved to Texas in the mid 1970's where the experience he gained repairing guitars guided his design of the first Collings guitars. His understanding of the flaws and shortcomings found in production guitars was instructive, and he set out to eliminate those shortcomings with the very first order he received for two dozen Collings guitars.

Today, Collings has 50 full-time employees working in a new, 22,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility, and Bill Collings remains hands-on, having built all the tooling used throughout the shop and personally working on guitars at his bench whenever time permits. As the business has grown and processes refined, there is one thing that has not changed...Bill Collings' commitment to building the finest handmade acoustic steel string instruments in the world.

Collings instruments have grown to include 32 different acoustic guitar models including the famed dreadnought and OM models, seven award-winning mandolin models in both lacquer and varnish finishes, three archtop guitars, and a new line of seven electric instruments crafted to inspire rock, blues, jazz, country, and your music, too.

Bill Collings work is respected by professional and amateur musicians alike…anyone on the quest for quality. Some of these include artists: Keith Richards, Lyle Lovett, Pete Townshend, Emmylou Harris, Andy Summers, David Crosby, Chris Hillman, Joni Mitchell, Don Felder, John Sebastian, Lou Reed, John Fogerty, Tim O'Brien, Pete Huttlinger, Kenny Smith, Brian May, Joan Baez, John Prine, Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap, and Steven Spielberg to name a few. We invite you to play a Collings today.

For more information on the complete line of Collings instruments and dealer locations, please visit our web site.

Dave's Guitars Shop • LaCrosse, WI • 608-785-7704

Dave’s Guitar Shop offers guitars by Fender, Gibson, PRS, National, Taylor, Gretsch, Ernie Ball, Rickenbacker, Martin, Santa Cruz, Suhr, Collings, Tom Anderson Lowden, and many other fine new and used instruments, plus new and used amplifiers such as Fender, Marshall, Line 6, Matchless, Victoria, Bad Cat, and Dr. Z, plus hundreds of guitar effects, and aftermarket pickups from Joe Barden, Seymour Duncan, and more. Due to their inventory of over 1,000 guitars, amps, and accessories, Dave’s is an excellent resource for top of the line Custom Shop and Historic reissues, to intermediate new and used gear. Unlike some dealers’ out of date stock lists on the web and in print, Dave’s inventory is updated daily. The selection of new and used instruments is truly exceptional, and you can often select among several models of the same new guitars to find that special instrument that was meant for you. Dave’s staff is friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the instruments and gear that they sell, because they are players, too. Please check the web site for current inventory, and you are welcome to call for more information or an accurate, in-hand description. 




Mike Matthews, Electro-Harmonix Founder and President, is a natural born entrepreneur who has been “into business” for as long as he can remember. Matthews got his start supplying Guild Guitars with fuzz tones – dubbed “Foxy Ladies” – during the mid 1960s. The effects pioneer was working for IBM at the time and, after the birth of the LPB-1 Linear Power Booster, quit to devote himself to the pedal business. The year was 1968 and history was about to be made.

With the keen ears of a musician (Matthews plays keyboards), an uncanny ability to know what the market will want and the business acumen to deliver it cost effectively, a string of ground-breaking pedals followed. These included the iconic and still wildly popular Big Muff Pi, the Electric Mistress, the world’s first low cost flanger, and the Memory Man, the first analog delay. Business was booming for the growing company and Matthews expanded aggressively. He opened the revolutionary Electro-Harmonix Hall of Science on Manhattan’s West 48th Street, then the music instrument mecca of the world. Located next door to Manny’s Music, it was a place for musicians to see, hear and play EHX pedals.

Matthews also recognized the culture-altering power of rock ‘n’ roll, plus the pent up demand for western goods that existed behind the Iron Curtain, and took a band there in 1979. After a two-week series of concerts in Moscow, Electro-Harmonix was a household name among Soviet rockers.

As fate would have it, after a succession of boom years a series of daunting forces and damaging events caused the company to close its doors. The indomitable Matthews was down, but far from out.

Using connections he made during his Russian foray, Matthews began importing electronic components and vacuum tubes. Eventually he became the proprietor of one of the world’s largest vacuum tube manufacturers: Expo-Pul. He also began the process of reviving the legendary Electro-Harmonix brand and once proud effects pedals like the Small Stone Phase Shifter.

Today, as active as ever and using the same skills that have always served him well, Matthews guides his company which boasts an ever-expanding product line of over 100 pedals. Always innovating, Electro-Harmonix continues to provide musicians with audacious effects like the B9 and C9 Organ Machines, the Superego Synth Engine and the POG2 Polyphonic Octave Generator while its founder enjoys the admiration of countless players who recognize him as the Godfather of Effects Pedals.

Eminence Speaker LLC • Chris Rose • Eminence, KY • 502-845-5622

"If you've listened to live music, you've almost certainly listened to Eminence." Eminence has been building speakers to custom specifications for nearly every major manufacturer of guitar amplifier and sound reinforcement products since 1967. Their new Legend Series of guitar speakers captures the essence of the vintage American and British speaker designs that are held in such high regard today by so many discerning players. The Legend Series includes classic British and American designs for 6," 8," 10," 12" and 15" speakers utilizing ceramic and AlNiCo magnets, British or American cones, and Kapton polyamide voice coils for superior heat dissipation and durability. Best of all, because Eminence has been successfully competing for years with other speaker manufacturers as an OEM supplier, the Legend Series speakers are priced far below those of many other popular manufacturers of "reissue" and custom speakers. The Eminence Legend Series delivers all of the tone and durability you need, at a lower price, with no compromises in quality. To locate genuine Eminence dealers in your area, please visit our website.

Fishman Electronics • Andover, MA • 978-988-9199

Widely recognized as the premier designer and manufacturer of acoustic amplification products, the Fishman name has been synonymous with technical innovation in acoustic amplification for almost 30 years. Fishman pickups and preamps, toneshaping products, amplifiers, and performance systems are the essential tools acoustic musicians, engineers and sound technicians rely on to accurately amplify the natural tones of acoustic instruments. Fishman began creating a name for itself in the early 1980s, following the success of Founder Larry Fishman's pioneering pickup for acoustic bass and the Thinline pickup for C.F. Martin & Co. Larry Fishman's innovative and unique approach to engineering and building amplification products has led to the granting of over thirty patents. From its ambitious entrepreneurial beginnings, Fishman grew to become the industry standard name in acoustic amplification. Today Fishman products are sold both to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and to the music-playing public through a worldwide network of musical instrument dealers and international distributors.

Jensen Loudspeakersinfo@jensentone.com • 480-820-5411

Changing speakers in your amplifier is the easiest and often the most effective 'modification' you can do yourself in the quest for inspiring guitar tone.

The complete range of Jensen speakers reflects the heritage of the vintage C and P series ceramic and alnico speakers used in so many classic amplifiers from the '50s and '60s, as well as the modern Jet, MOD and Neo Series that offer a variety of tones and power ratings to suit virtually any type of music and application imaginable. You will also find Jensen speakers in all the sizes used today for electric and acoustic guitar amplification, including 5, 6, 8 10, 12 and 15 inch models.

With so many excellent choices available to guitarists today, we also understand that choosing the right speakers for your unique needs can be a complex, and even daunting decision. To assist you in making the right choice the first time, our web site offers a comprehensive library of sound files for each speaker, video demonstrations, user reviews, a detailed tone chart, and wiring diagrams for virtually every speaker configuration used in combo amplifiers and extension cabinets. Best of all, you may also utilize our exclusive Tone Generator program to determine the best speakers for your needs. Simply enter information such as the rated power of your amplifier, the number of speakers and size, playing style and musical taste, volume requirements and other relevant factors and the Tone Generator will develop recommendations for specific speakers based on the specifications and information you provide.

For detailed information on the entire line of Jensen Vintage, Jet, MOD and Neo speakers and a list of dealers, please visit our web site.

Jescar Fretwire • 877-453-7227

Securely pressed into the fingerboard, the fret wire is the gateway between the musician and the instrument. It is one of the most critical components in the playing quality of the guitar. The interaction between the strings and frets determines the feel of the neck as much as the neck contour, fingerboard material, or finish.

There are many different fret wire profiles available, from small to large, low to high, narrow to wide, oval to round to triangular, all affecting the playing characteristics and feel of the instrument. Brass frets from days past have given way to today's standard material, 18% nickel silver, also called "German Silver."Our highly refined nickel silver consists of 62% copper, 18% nickel and 20% zinc. But even with 18% nickel silver, there are differences in hardness, tensile strength, surface quality, grain size, and other metallurgical properties that influence a fret's quality, performance and feel.

Beyond 18% nickel silver, new alloys have been employed in the production of modern fret wire that dramatically improves the performance and aesthetics of the guitar. Our stainless steel, with its greater hardness and tighter grain structure has much higher wear resistance for greater fret life. In addition, string bending is much smoother without the friction or grinding felt with traditional fret material. We have selected a stainless steel alloy that provides the best combination of fret life and installation ease.

Most fretwire is manufactured in coils for ease of installation. Our FW39040 and FW37053 are only offered in 24" straight lengths to prevent twisting if coiled. Pricing is based on orders of one pound minimum quantity per size, plus shipping via UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Gold colored EVO wire is available on selected sizes only. Individual frets cut to size, straight cut or cut and notched tangs, are available upon request. Minimum order quantity for pre-cut frets is 2000 pieces.

CAUTION: Jescar Fretwire will improve the tone and playability of your guitar.

JustStrings • Nashua, NH • 603-889-2664 • info@juststrings.com

Now more than ever, guitarists are reaping the benefits of technical innovations in string making that have led to the widest selection of guitar strings ever available. JustStrings.com is dedicated to providing guitarists with the largest selection of acoustic, roundwound and flatwound strings, complimented by exceptional personalized service and outstanding value. Trying different types of strings often results in amazing new discoveries that not only improve the sound of your instrument, but dramatically enhance your playing enjoyment. From traditional hand-crafted strings to high-tech exotics, JustStrings.com exists to help you get the most out of your instrument. Try a new set today, or order your favorite acoustic or electric sets and SAVE! Juststrungs.com offers the best prices on all of the major and specialty brands, promptly delivered to your door. Shop online at www.JustStrings.com, or place your order by fax at 603-889-7026, or telephone at 603-889-2664.


Lollar Guitars • 206-463-9838

Jason Lollar graduated from Roberto Venn School of Lutherie in 1979, and soon began winding pickups for his own guitars. As guitar builders & players had the chance to try his pickups, demand grew and he eventually began making pickups full time. In the mid 90's he wrote Basic Pickup Winding and Compete Guide to Making Your Own Pickup Winder. Lollar Pickups has continued to grow into one of the most widely recognized boutique pickup manufacturers in the world, combining experience, service, creativity, selection and consistency with a no BS attitude and unmatched quality. Jason and his team continue to develop new designs, repair and restore vintage classics, and create one of a kind custom pickups for clients as diverse as Bill Frizell, Robert Randolph, Charlie Hunter and Jimmy Herring. Lollar pickups are also standard equipment for some of the world's finest instruments, including Collings, Nash, National Resophonic, Heritage, and many more.

Mercury MagneticsSales@MercuryMagnetics.com • 818-998-7791

The basis of every tube amp's characteristic sound is the unique design of its transformers. Mercury transformers are legendary for their stunning tonal superiority, build quality, consistency, and reliability. We believe in old-world customer service and single-minded focus. Transformers are our only business, allowing us to concentrate on providing you with the best-sounding guitar amplifier trannies in the world.If your amp is suffering from bland and unexciting tone, then it's time for a transformer upgrade or repair. Here are your options:ToneClone™ Best-of-Breed Series Transformers: Behind every great-sounding vintage guitar amp is a piece of transformer history.

Within any amp line there are usually a large number of transformer variations, inconsistencies and just plain ol' building errors that affect their sound (good or bad). At Mercury, we seek out, study, blueprint and replicate only the best-of-breed transformer designs (including their all-important anomalies) and add these discoveries to our catalog. And we make these incredible tonal selections available to you through our ToneClone™ line. Axiom® Series Next-Gen Transformers: Next-generation guitar amplifier transformers. The Axiom series are in a class by themselves. We've taken our advanced knowledge of modern transformer design and mated it with historically best-sounding designs of the past. Axiom trannys are hybrids that take vintage tone to the next level! More bloom, more overtone color, and awesome tonal depth. If you ever needed convincing as to how outstanding transformers affect your sound, Axiom trannys will astonish you.

Mercury Vintage™ Transformer Service: Most vintage transformers have already outlived or are nearing the end of their life expectancies. That's the bad news – now for the good... Mercury will restore, rebuild or rewind your valuable original transformers. Or, we can clone your originals so that you can continue to play your old amp without fear of further "wear and tear.

"FREE TRANSFORMER TESTING AND EVALUATION SERVICE: Do you think there might be something wrong with your transformer? Send it to us. We'll test it in our lab and report back to you. Our evaluation procedures are thorough, complete and reliable, and always free. The only transformers that come with a 10-year Manufacturer's Warrantee and a Money-Back Tonal Guarantee. Made entirely in the U.S.A.



RS Guitarworks • 859-737-5300

You can depend on RS Guitarworks™ as your source for the finest custom guitars, expert guitar finishing, refinishing and aging, complete guitar assembly and repair, custom electronic upgrade kits, pickups, pickup covers, hard-to-find hardware, and more.
Located in Winchester, Kentucky, RS Guitarworks began as a small repair and refinishing shop in 1994. As the word spread among guitarists, business rapidly grew for RS, and today they receive guitars from around the world for restoration, finishing, aging and custom voicing with specialty components and exclusive pickups wound to RS specs by Lindy Fralin. RS's Old Friend, SolarFlair, Stepside and custom guitars can be seen in the hands of many top players, and offer build quality and hardware second to none. Every guitar RS Guitarworks builds is meticulously crafted with wood personally selected by RS, finished in nitrocellulose lacquer, assembled with premium components, and individually voiced in final assembly as a true custom instrument.

RS Guitarworks also offers many hard-to-find aged, vintage replica parts and other specialty accessories for vintage Fender, Gibson and many other guitars that in many cases are exclusive to RS. The RS Guitarworks Premium Wiring Kits offer a dramatic improvement over the factory electronics found in even the most expensive guitars. During extensive research and development in creating RS Premium kits, they tested over 20 different tone capacitors and nearly every type of potentiometer made before developing the RS SuperPot™. All the RS upgrade kits feature measured RS SuperPots™, that have a 5% tolerance for volumes, and CTS™ audio pots within 10% of their specified value for tone controls. Also in the RS kits are a wide variety of tone caps for single coil and humbucking pickups made by Jensen and vintage-correct replica caps by Luxe. RS Guitarworks™ also feature caps made here in the USA exclusively for RS called GuitarCaps™. RS Guitarworks wiring upgrade kits impart a fuller, clearer tone than standard factory components, with a smoother, more even and responsive taper from each pot. Additionally, each potentiometer is tested on a digital meter, checked for the proper sweep pattern, sorted and labeled as a neck/volume, neck/tone, bridge/volume or bridge/tone control. Wiring Upgrade Kits are available in Vintage, Modern and Reissue styles for various Les Paul type guitars, as well as 335/345/355, Telecaster, Stratocaster, PRS guitars, and Explorer and Flying V types in both kit and pre-wired versions. Custom wiring and nearly any other configuration can also be built by calling RS Guitarworks™ directly at (859) 737-5300. Please call or visit the RS Guitarworks web site for complete information on finishing, refinishing, restoration and aging of new and used guitars, custom wiring kits, vintage repro parts, pickups and repairs.

Ruokangas Guitars • Finland

Juha Ruokangas is the founder and sole owner of Ruokangas Guitars (est. 1995). He designs all the Ruokangas guitar models, and builds them together with his small “dream team” in Finland. Juha is one of the very few Finnish luthiers with a Master’s Degree, and his guitars are regarded in various books, magazines and other independent sources as some of the finest in the world. Juha is also a co-founder and the vice president of EGB (European Guitar Builders association) and the chairman of Guild of Finnish Luthiers. 

“In the world of boutique guitars, Ruokangas sets the bar as a standard by which all of the boutique guitar companies should be measured against for making an outstanding product. I am a very proud owner of these instruments!” - Jay Jay French / Twisted Sister

“Ruokangas guitars are well-made and they sound really sweet. They’re built in what I’d call the right tradition.” – Mick Box / Uriah Heep

“Last time I bought an electric guitar (Telecaster) in 1966, and now it was time to buy another one. The Mojo Grande is the most acoustic electric guitar I’ve ever played. This is superb!” – Tommy Emmanuel

“My Duke is an indispensible tool in my toolbox. It is an exceptionally made guitar that sounds and plays like a top quality instrument should. The feel and finish is as good as it gets. It barks and growls like a p90 loaded 50’s era guitar. It will always be a part of my arsenal. I use it all the time.” – Josh Smith

"Your attention to detail and sonic resonance is as good as it gets. The fret work is perfect and they almost have a bell like ring to them, even the solid bodies but especially the Unicorn Artisan. Great work, keep it up!" - Bob Willcutt / Willcutt Guitars

“The Ruokangas guitars kick ass!” – Matias Kupiainen / Stratovarius, Finland


Stewart MacDonald • 800-848-2273

Stewart-MacDonald offers a complete line of hard-to-find tools, parts, accessories, instructional videos and books for building, repairing, setting up, and optimizing the playability and tone of stringed instruments. Whether you are just getting started or you're a seasoned luthier, you'll find everything you need in the Stew-Mac catalog, including: fret wire, finishing supplies, glues and adhesives, wood, bodies, necks, binding, tuners, nuts and saddles, inlay, bridges, tailpieces, electronics, pickups, and free information sheets and professional advice! Their friendly customer service and technical support staff are trained to help you make the best product choices, and they also offer an Unconditional Return Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with an item for any reason, simply return it.

Stew-Mac is the leading supplier of innovative products for guitarists and repair pros, and every thing they make is guaranteed to work well, because every product is tested by the professional luthiers at Stewart MacDonald first! The master builders and repairmen on staff include Dan Erlewine - well-known author of guitar repair books and magazine articles, member of the ToneQuest Report advisory board, and a regular contributor to TQR. Dan and all of the experienced luthiers at Stew-Mac personally develop and test every product the company offers, and they are also dedicated to education. The Stewart MacDonald catalog is packed with helpful tips, and the company produces an extensive series of training videos at their facility in Athens, Ohio. For more information on the entire range of products available, please visit the Stewart MacDonald web site. In addition to their free online help service, your telephone call is also always welcome.

Swart Amplifier Co. • Wilmington, NC • 910-620-2512

Long before the first Swart amp ever appeared, Michael Swart had been playing through vintage amps for decades at live gigs and recording sessions as both a guitarist and recording engineer in Wilmington, NC. Despite his access to countless vintage Fender, Vox, and Ampeg amps, Swart always felt the quintessential small recording/home use amp had yet to be built, thus begin the quest for the best tone via a small, manageable package. After a slew of suitcase amp wannabees, emerged the original Space Tone 6V6se, a Class A, 5 watt, Single-Ended, tube rectified beast with an über simple circuit revolving around the soulful 6V6. The amp delivered big sound with unmatched musicality along with amazing distortion. The 18w Atomic Space Tone soon followed to wide acclaim, and Swart amplifiers were quickly embraced by working pros and guitarists who shared Swart’s appreciation for truly exceptional guitar tone. Today, six different Swart models are hand-built to serve the needs of guitarists for live performance and recording:

Space Tone 6V6se - The amp that started it all. 5w, Class A, Single-Ended, Tube Rectified, 8" Weber, finger-jointed, lacquered tweed pine cab.
STR-Tweed - Another BIG Class A, Single-Ended 5w w/extra stage, Swart reverb, and 12” speaker
Atomic Space Tone - Perhaps the amp that REALLY put Swart on the map. Considered one of the finest made. 18w 6V6 or 6L6 with tube reverb & tremolo
AST Pro: AST circuit w/slightly larger cab, recessed knobs, 12” of choice
AST Head MKII - AST in a head w/defeatable master volume and choice of cabinets
Super Space Tone 30 Head (SST-30) 30w of soulful 6V6/6L6/EL-34 mother of tone beauty. Richer than chocolate. Matching, custom tweed 2 x 12 Space Tone Cabinet

Head to Swart Online for the latest news, rants, photos, raves, artists, events, and dealer locations. Michael answers every call. Kelly responds to every mail. Personal service is #1 priority.



Visual SoundFacebookYouTube • 931-487-9001

Visual Sound a market leader in the guitar effects pedal arena, is pleased to announce the that its release of the new and improved version of their much-beloved H2O Chorus & Echo pedal earlier this year has met with tremendous acclaim, having received numerous awards, including the Guitar Player Editors' Pick, the Guitar World Platinum Award, and the Premier Guitar Premier Gear award.

The new V3 H20 is more than a mere re-boot of one of the finest dual pedals of all time: it is a carefully thought out complete redesign.

This follows on the heels of the release late last year of the VS-XO Premium Dual Overdrive, which has been similarly recognized with the Guitar Player Editors' Pick, and the Guitar World Platinum Award.

Expect to hear about more additions to the V3 Series in the very near future!

Founded in 1995, Visual Sound continues to grow and expand, while remaining true to their core commitment of “real tone for real people”.

That commitment has become more than just a marketing slogan or mission statement: In 2012 Visual Sound was proud to announce its revolutionary Lifetime Warranty for all of its V2 and V3 series of pedals.

Bob Weil, founder and president, explains it this way: "We've worked hard for many years to make our products not only sound great, but also hold up to the demands of the working musician. The test procedures and quality control standards that R.G. Keen and I have developed are extremely thorough. On top of that, we designed our switching system to pretty much last forever, and we're very picky about our critical parts suppliers, too. When it comes down to it, we hate to have our gear go down in the middle of someone's gig, so we've gone over the top with reliability. To prove it, we're now offering a lifetime warranty on most of our pedals. And since we've been around since 1995, you can be confident we'll be around to support that warranty."

This "covered for life" promise extends to all V2 pedals, as well as to the still new (and growing) line of V3 pedals, which currently includes the Dual Tap Delay and Tap Delay pedals and, now the V3H2O and VS-XO

We’re also happy to say that we continue to receive excellent reviews and continuous compliments online, by phone, e-mail, and postal mail, for our unparalleled customer service and tech support.

To find out more about all of the pedals and 1SPOT power supplies, and for more information about Visual Sound, sound samples, videos, artist endorsers and product information, please visit the Visual Sound web siteFacebook page, Twitter, or contact Bob Weil personally.

Warehouse Guitar Speakers

At Warehouse Guitar Speakers, we invite you to “Choose Your Tone.” Whatever your tone needs, we have a speaker or combination of speakers for you. 

Our American Vintage and British Invasion product lines include custom alnico and ceramic magnet guitar speakers that are just begging to beef up your cabinet and make your tone sound like yours, only better.  Our attention to detail and meticulous designs pays tribute to some of the classic speakers you grew up with, only our versions are improved upon by our masterful designers and builders.  From our rock-standard Veteran 30” to our newest Green Beret 10”, our speakers can take your amp and sound to the next level.

Our guitar speakers are manufactured in Paducah, Kentucky and backed personally by the company’s president. We can do this because our speakers are made with the finest materials by some of the most talented employees in the industry. How do we know this?  Because when our group of family-owned businesses, a major supplier to the audio business for more than 20 years, decided to bring vintage-voiced guitar speakers back to production in 2006, we did so using techniques that few in the industry even knew and most never use because of the high cost of production.

Our commitment to meeting your tone needs reigns supreme at Warehouse Guitar Speakers. That’s why we’ve recently expanded our speaker lines, introducing three new 10” speakers into our British Invasion line, and partnered with one of the rising stars of the gear industry to provide our customers with even more custom gear options through Vaughn Skow Pickups.

We aren’t stopping there, either.  We are constantly looking for ways to help you achieve maximum tone effectiveness.


For nearly 40 years, WD Music Products, Inc.® (WD Music®) has been providing quality stringed instrument parts with courteous, professional and knowledgeable service to satisfied working musicians and collectors, discriminating builders, and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

WD Music® pioneered the field of aftermarket pickguards and continues to lead the way in the niche created in 1978.  WD Music® has manufactured thousands of custom pickguards.   If you need something simply replaced, or envision for yourself an atypical pickguard design, we can make it happen!  During the better part of the past 40 years, WD Music® has offered a growing catalog of replacement and upgrade parts for just about any type of stringed instrument.

WD Music® is proud to continue the legacy of Kluson® tuning machines, bridges and tailpieces—one of the most respected OEM and replacement brand tuning machines for the past several decades.  Now Kluson features the new Revolution die-cast series as well as the Supreme series tuners for high gear ratios and the ultimate in performance and the reissue of the long-awaited Kluson banjo tuners.  Replace, upgrade or restore your vintage or modern instrument with genuine Kluson® parts from WD Music®.

WD Music Products, Inc.® stocks over 40,000 brand-name, quality parts, including Kent Armstrong® pickups, L.R. Baggs® acoustic gear, Floyd Rose® products, Bigsby® tailpieces, Graph Tech® products, Wilkinson® bridges, Grover® tuning machines & accessories, Fender® licensed necks and Fender® brand parts, TonePros® products, Big Bends® maintenance supplies, Fishman® electronics, Steph® handmade straps, Gotoh® products, Vibramate™ Bigsby® conversions kits, Sperzel® tuning machines, TKL® guitar cases, Bourns® pots, Hipshot® hardware, RS Guitarworks® products, Zer0 Glide® nuts, CTS® pots, Towner® screwless vibrato for Bigsby®, Babicz® Full Contact Hardware®, String Swing® instrument hangers and more.

WD Music Products, Inc.® offers modern musicians and vintage collectors of all levels nearly 40 years of in-depth stringed instrument knowledge with professional customer service, guaranteeing quality parts and accessories.  The extensive WD Music® catalog contains everything from pickguards, tuning machines, pickups, electronics, necks, bodies, bridges, pre-wired assemblies through hard-to-find hardware.  If your stringed instrument needs it chances are WD Music® has it ready to ship or pick-up!