Vol. 12 No. 01 - November 2010

Vol. 12 No. 01 - November 2010
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This Tone’s for You... The magic of unintended consequences... An honest, tribute to one of the greatest signature guitar tones in the history of rock & roll and the 5E3 Deluxe
The return of Larry Cragg... Neil’s rig through the years, tours, sessions, bandmembers, the collection, Larry’s desert island guitars and amps, the Midi B3 pedal steel rig on Buck Nickels & Loose Change and more
The Two Fifty Nine... Our ‘59 Deluxe in depth... Optimizing tone with tubes, speakers, and our review of 6 output trannies
Larry Cragg’s  exclusive Fralin Telecaster pickups reviewed, plus John Sprung’s Astroglide pots
Guyatone Flip VT-X Vinatge Tube Tremolo reviewed
A Glossary of Tone

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