Vol. 11 No. 07 - May 2010

Vol. 11 No. 07 - May 2010
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Flower Power... alive & well in the May quest
Reaching back to the Blues (all of it...) Pete Anderson leaves the sounds of Bakersfield, honky-tonk & real country music for a Blues Revival with new gear & new tones
Review – The Reverend Pete Anderson Signature Big Box with P90s
A tribute to Danelectro founder Nathan Daniel Review – How our original ‘66 Silvertone 1482 from Hiawatha, Kansas rocks with a ‘66 Jensen C12Q
Pedal Power... Our interview with Wampler Pedals founder Brian Wampler plus reviews...
Ecstasy Drive Faux Spring Reverb PlexiDrive British Overdrive Nirvana Chorus
Paul Linden visits with veteran amp designer Bob Rissi, plus the Marvel Risson Review

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