Vol. 5 No. 07 - May 2004

Vol. 5 No. 07 - May 2004
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The Phil Brown Interview... Unknown and clearly one of the most innovative and spell-binding guitarists and songwriters you will ever hear. Phil's cover story and ToneQuest CD sampler will rock your world, period. This issue features a blow-by-blow guide to Phil's recording techniques and gear used to produce the Apaches from Paris CD. See the ToneQuest Records page for full sound tracks now!

Interview — Phil Brown on the B-tuned Les Paul, Ampeg VL1002 and more...
Interview — A track-by-track guide to all the gear
Interview — Lee Jackson on the design of the Ampeg VL Series
Review — The Demeter TGA-3 Amp
Review — The ToneQuest Hardtail
Review — Lollar 'Special' Strat Pickups


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