Vol. 12 No. 05 - March 2011

Vol. 12 No. 05 - March 2011
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The Tom Principato Interview... Guitarist or arsonist?
Meet the veteran D.C. blues player that gets our vote for most effectively burning down a room!
The career... (how to play the blues for over 40 years and enjoy it)
The  gear... tweed Pros, the Vibroverb & a confession... (“I’m a pedal nut)
The work... New CD, Anniversary DVD & the book of 4,000 chords
Another overdrive pedal? Tom’s favorite Lovepedal revealed
Victoria’s Mark Baier on the magc of tweed
Review– The Victoria 35115 Pro
The Tungsten Cremawheat review, plus our interview with founder Adam Palow
Pictures of Lilly... The 1958 Princeton

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