Vol. 11 No. 05 - March 2010

Vol. 11 No. 05 - March 2010
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Journeymen and Gypsies...Veteran Texas Rocker Mark May on workin; with Dickey, gear & tone
May's #1 axe...Our review of The Robin Savoy Classic
Livin' on top of the world (in Brooklyn) with Jim Campilongo...Jim's new CD Orange, the secret to his Princeton Reverb tone & the Campilongo signature Telecaster
What...no flame? The '04 '88 Historic Custom Shop Les Paul -
Bare Knuckles 'The Mule' Humbuckers
The Hell Drivers...Jim McCarly on his band's ass-kickin'live tribute to Detroit rock & roll, plus the gear
BC Audio Amplifier No. 7...One of the best sounding 15W-25W amps we've ever heard.
The Amp Maniac...Carl Hartman's Amp Preserver goes postal, plus...cheap vintage tube tone - the 5C7/8V6 tube adapter 

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