Vol. 6 No. 09 - July 2005

Vol. 6 No. 09 - July 2005
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You can only get it here… The David Lindley Interview!
What is hip? The Duke of Tone runs down the glory days of the L.A. music scene – the gear, the players, the builders & the tones…
Cubic shitloads of good old wire… “Oh, let me  charge that up for ya…” Lindley’s secretive trips to Doc Kauffman’s shop in Santa Ana
Dave on mining maximum tone… “It’s always  been this  way…” Matching the right pickups to the right amp is the thang…
A conversation with Dave’s #1 Tone Guy – The Grease Man... Henry McCullough
The rarest amplifier ever made… The Standel 25L15 Danny McKinney’s Standel Amps 



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