Vol. 12 No. 03 - 04 - Jan/Feb 2011

Vol. 12 No. 03 - 04 - Jan/Feb 2011
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Analog Bloom... Adrian Legg’s painstaking quest to abandon his digital road rig and recapture the ascendant analog bloom that only valves can render (while avoiding excess baggage charges)
Pedals The Cusack
Review - Effectrode Effects’ Delta-Trem & Tube Vibe
Review - The 1996 Velocette 15 watt 1x10... Deceptively stout, toneful and ready to rock. Velocette speaker swaps
Lost & Found...  El Chupacabra & the Sun King– Two delicious guitars come back to us
Pickups...  Sheptone Stephens Design redux Changing Bridges... Should You Bother?
Buying Stuff is Tuff Enuff How to choose your next amp
Review & Interview - Chihoe Hahn’s 1229
Review - C.F. Martin Performing Artist Series

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