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Vol. 20 No.12 Oct 2019Vol. 20 No.12 Oct 2019

 A Collection Of Our Most Intense 20th Anniversary Rants Selected Especially For You!

Cesar Diaz On Stevie and Tone

Hubert Sumlin I'll Play Any Of 'Em

Billy F Gibbons On The 'Burst

Leslie West It Was a Piece Of  Wood With A Microphone On It

Peter Frampton Unveils His Marshall Rig!

Eric Burdon On Hendrix...

Double Trouble, Trouble Indeed

Stephen Bruton The Dumble Is My Voice

Larry Cragg Neil Young's Toneman Speaks

JImbo Mathis Straight (well not really) From Clarksdale

Vol.20 No.11 Sep 2019Vol.20 No.11 Sep 2019

The Strad-O-Lin...

If You Can Handle The Installation & You Have A Preamp The K&K's Are Great

Two Very Old Guitars Become Brilliantly Amplified

ToneDexter Co-Founder James May Lifts The Veil On The ToneDexter

We Audition The ToneDexter With An Assortment Of Guitars, Pickups & Mics

A Historic Brand Just Gets Better

Excellent Volume, Beautiful Tones, The Loudbox Simply Works

An Effective Boost & Tone Enhancing Preamp

A Pedal That Works As Advertised

An Acoustic Wonder... L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic D.I.

Vol. 20 No.9-10 Jul-Aug 2019Vol. 20 No.9-10 Jul-Aug 2019

Jay Jay French The Complete, Unabridged, Uncensored Story of Twisted Sister

The Clapton Effect

Guitar Heroes

Jay Jay At The Fillmore



The Beginning of Twisted Sister

Gordon Kennedy On The ToneDexter & The Odyssey of Change The World

Peter Frampton On The ToneDexter

What $774 Buys In The Acoustic World Today - The Farida OT-65 X Wide VBS

Vol 20. No. 8 Jun 2019Vol 20. No. 8 Jun 2019

Gordon Kennedy On Guitars, Amps & The Mighty Fine Note

Review The Gibson SG As Good As It Gets By Sheer Luck

Review Steady Rocker Dave Allen's Classic 57 Amp

Which Type of Amp Works For You

Review Carr Rockets Another Winning Design With The Telstar

Review The Khan Pak Amp A Monumental Shift In Guitar Amps Is Upon Us!

Vol. 20 No.7 May 2019Vol. 20 No.7 May 2019

 The Beater Les Paul Traditional-An Abused Guitar Gets a Second Chance At Becoming Extraordinary

RS Guitarworks, Roy Bowen On Optimizing Your Guitar

Top Guitarists You Should Know (If Not Study)

Scott Peterson On Winding Better Coils

It Always Comes Down to $200

Dr. Z Reveals The Secret Sauce That Makes The Nova One Of His Finest Works To Date

The New Dr. Z Nova Rocks Our World And It Is Destined to Rock Yours, Too

The Speaker Workshop, Reconing Don Right & Better Than Vintage

The Danelectro Alternative

Vol. 20 No. 06 Apr 2019Vol. 20 No. 06  Apr 2019


Joe Robinson A Magnificent Player With All The Right Tools

Interview Building Extraordinary Guitars One By One A Rewarding Adventure With Chuck Thornton

Thornton Classic II Hot Rod Series How A Small-Batch Custom Builder Surpassed Our Expectations...

CP Thornton Classic III #523 A Stratocaster...Only Better!

The Gibson GA-19 RVT Redux Resurrected, Restored & Reprised

Todd Sharp Resurrects Our Derelict GA-19 RVT

Vol. 20 NO. 5 Mar 2019Vol. 20 NO. 5 Mar 2019

Interview Mark Johnson-Sliding All The Way

Interview BarryGrzebik & His Grez Mendocino

Review The Grez Mendocino-A Fine Example Of The Builder's Art

Review Wild & Wooly '60s Gibson GA-19 RVT Amp

Review Making Sweet Music With The PRS Hollowbody II

WGS Creates A Ten Inch Speaker That Simply Rules In a Big, Big Way

Review For Those About to Rock-A Hot Rodded Les Paul Deluxe

Review The ES125T-A Players Guitar

Dialing In Yer Tone

On Tubes & Speakers-The Final Frontier In Chasing Extraordinary Tone

Vol. 20, NO. 3-4 Jan-Feb 2019Vol. 20, NO. 3-4 Jan-Feb 2019

The Echoplex EP-2, Still A Classic And In Many Ways An Indespensable Enhancement For Your Guitar

Another Innovative And Truly Stellar Amplifier From Steve Carr

Lone Star Terra Firma By Riverhorse

Buying On The Web

How Larry Progreba Creates Wooden Treasures From The Jungles Of Belize

Zachary Vex, Still Building Truly Great Effects ZVEX '59 Sound Distortion Pedal

Interview Bobby Tyson: The Fine Art Of Winding True PAF Replica Pickups

The Kramer 650G, A Modern Oddity In Guitar Construction

Vol. 20 No.2 Dec 2018Vol. 20 No.2 Dec 2018

Finally, One of the Greatest Guitar Players We Know Is Building His Own Amps

Beautifully Built & Voiced The JOAT 20W Is a Work of Playable Art

Pedalmania - Cheap Thrills!

Larry Davis On the Remarkable Growth of WD Music Products

The Lollar DB Humbucking Pickup - Bloom, Volume & Definition Personified

Inexpensive Guitars Just Keep Getting Better, The '50s Les Paul Tribute Is A Keeper

The Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster - Excellent In All The Right Ways A Truly Exceptional SG From A Vintage Era

Vol. 19 No.01 Nov 2018Vol. 19 No.01 Nov 2018

 The Unobtainable Are Obtainable Once More. The Road Worn Series

The Road Worn Stratocaster, The Best Old "Modern" Strat We Have Ever Played

The Road Worn Telecaster, An Exceptional True Keeper (Forever) An Unbelievable Price

Bob Willcutt, An Accomplished Industry Pro Who Plays What He Sells

Ben Fargen Inspired Amp Builder, Guitar Player And Tone Freak

The Fargen 45 Watt Plexi

Benjamin W. LaGrange Handmade Guitars

An Exquisitely Built Guitar Comes To Us From An Unlikely Location...

Vol. 19 No. 11 Oct 2018Vol. 19 No. 11 Oct 2018

 Just Ask The Axis

Lindy Fralin Pure PAFs - Yes, Yes, They Are

Lindy Fralin Pure PAFs

Another Truly Amazing Amplifier Show Up in Decatur

The Lace Cybercaster - A New Builder Makes Their Way Into Our Historic '58 335

Playing For The Song - Tom Guerra Plants "American Garden"

David Allen The Brown Sugar - Very Versatile And Toneful

Allen Amps Brown Sugar

The Father of the Tube Driver Builds An Amp That Rocks Our World

Vol. 19 No. 11 Sep 2018Vol. 19 No. 11 Sep 2018

 Mitch Colby On Three New & Very Desirable Amps

Colby Lil' Darlin

Colby Dual Tone Booster DTB50

Mitch Colby Park Amp

Baxendale On Creating Magic In Cheap Old Acoustic Guitars

Our '50s Kay Jumbo

Larry Fishman Fluence Pickups-State Of The Art & Then Some

Robert Hughes-A Lifetime Of The Blues Considered

Vol. 19 No. 09 -10 Jul - Aug 2018Vol. 19 No. 09 -10 Jul - Aug 2018

The Inimitable Sound of Ampeg
Todd Sharp On His Favorite Production Amp, The Ampeg VT40
Dennis Kager Remembers Ampeg
Tom Guerra, My Ampeg VT40
James Pennebaker's Ampeg Experience
Roger Cox, Creation Of The Ampeg V Series
The Ampeg VT40 & GU12 Tremendous Tone, Presence & Attitude
Jeff Bakos On Maintenance
The Grammatico ATX Vintage Fender Vibroverb Redux

Vol. 19 No. 8 - Jun 2018Vol. 19 No. 8 - Jun 2018

The Real B.K. Butler & His Hand Made Tube Driver

The Discerning Guitarist Choice In Overdrives for 40 Years-B.K. Butler Tube Driver

PRS Guitars A Dedication To Craft & Truly Musical Instruments

Jim Cullen PRS Guitars, On A Steady Roll, Vibrant And Growing

As Good As It Gets-The Paul Reed Smith McCarty 594

Alvin Youngblood Hart-The Cosmic American Love Child of Howlin' Wolf & Link Wray

Fender's New '57 Tweed Champ-Not the Champ Of Your Past

The Grammatico ATX Vibroverb Worthy Of Its Name

Vol. 19 No. 7 - May 2018Vol. 19 No. 7 - May 2018

Bruce Zinky, An Extraordinary Amp Designer & Savant

Vibro-King 60 Watts of Smooth

Jol Dantzig, Veteran Guitar Man Turns Small Custom Builder

Dantzig's Tulsa Uniquely Satisfying & Copy of Nothing

David Allen, EE My Favorite Champ Mods

1973 Silverface Champ, An Inexpensive Classic

Vol 19, No. 6 - Apr 2018Vol 19, No. 6 - Apr 2018

 Jon Butcher, Founder of The Jon Butcher Axis & Devotee of the Fender Strat

Nachoguitars Creating Vintage Heirlooms With Wood, Wire, Paint & Inspiration

Aaron Huff And The Collings I-30 LC... Not Just Another Hollow Body Electric

The Collings I-30 LC, An Innovative Classic With Superior Craftsmanship

Dave's Guitar Shop: 500 Guitars and 100 Amps Later, Dave Still Enjoys The Hunt

The Hahn Campilongo Tele Model C, Superb Quality & Tone Everyone Can Afford

Vol. 19 No. 05 - Mar 2018Vol. 19 No. 05 - Mar 2018

Conversation With Bill Nash - Still Building Some of the Best Electric Guitars In the World

Jim Campilongo - Live At Rockwood NYC

Chihoe Hahn On His Excellent Telecaster Crafted for Jim Campilongo

The HeadHunters - Another Hard Rockin' Record With Great Guitar Playing

The Bonamassa Epiphone Firebird I - The Fines Tribute Reissue You'll Ever Play

James Pennebaker on the Fralin Pure P.A.F. Pickups

Vintage Inspired Nash Wayfarer - Three Humbuckers Are Better Than Two

Vol. 19 No. 03 - 04 - Jan-Feb 2018Vol. 19 No. 03 - 04 - Jan-Feb 2018

 Gutherie Trapp Livin' In Nashville, "The Greatest Music City in the World" 

 Step-By-Step the Gibson Memphis 335 Returns

Andrew White Sets a New Standard for Tone and Affordable Guitars

Joe Glaser, Nashville's Number One Guitar Authority

'57 Tweed Pro, Still One of the Best Tweeds

'57 Fender Custom Deluxe, Modern Classic

BC Audio, Bruce Clement's Grand Prix 100 Amp

2017 Martin D28, It's Never Been Better

Anderberg Custom Guitars, Exceptional and Unique

Vol. 18 NO. 12 - OCT 2017Vol. 18 NO. 12 - OCT 2017

Lee Roy Parnell: New CD, New Pickups, New Old Amps = New Old Tones

Lee Roy's Signature Les Paul and Ron Ellis' Classic Humbucking Pickups

TV Front Pro and '59 Bandmaster

Joe Robinson, Young and Incredibly Gifted

Inspired by Tommy Emmanuel

Limited Edition Gretsch White Falcon Junior

John Jorgenson, An American Treasure Part 2

"You've Got Your First Number One Record"

Playing With Elton John...It Was The Right Thing To Do At The Time

Starring at Samois

Vol. 18 No. 11 - Sep 2017Vol. 18 No. 11 - Sep 2017

John American Treasure Part 1

Rick Holstrom, A Telecaster and an AC30 is All You Need

Adrian Legg, The Guitar Poet

Brown Vibrolux Still A Keeper

Fender Pro Jr. One of the Best Ever Built-and Cheap

Vintage Sound Amps, Custom Built Amplifiers With Vintage Tone

Review Vintage Sound, The Vintage 20

Review Vintage Sound, The Classic 22

Vol. 19 No. 01 - Nov 2017Vol. 19 No. 01 - Nov 2017

Dr. Z Builds Another Truly Stellar Amplifier

Steady Rollin' With Bob Margolin

Gabriel Currie, Shaking Things Up In Detroit, It Was Time for a Change

New Echopark Guitars Esperanto 313, A Perfectly Crafted Guitar

Echopark and Eric Bernstorff: A Rare Marshall Amp Returns

New Echopark Amplification NARB Tremolo 100 Headroom Power

White Producer, Big Tone at Low Volume is Good

Vol. 18 No. 09 -10 Jul - Aug 2017Vol. 18 No. 09 -10 Jul - Aug 2017
Tom Holmes Pickups. How He Reproduced True '50s Humbucking Pickup Tone
Becoming a Tool Maker
Meeting George Gruhn
Working With Billy Gibbons and Bo Diddley
Building the Flying V for Albert King
Building Pickups for Peter Frampton's Phenix Guitar
Tom Holmes PAF Pickup Review
Sonny Landreth, The King of Slydeco
Discovering the Fish Fluence Pickups
Gibson Builds New Classics ES275 and the 1958 ES335
Victoria's Mark Baier and the Future of Guitar Amplification
Vol. 18 No. 08 - Jun 2017Vol. 18 No. 08 - Jun 2017
James Pennebaker - The Consummate Sideman
The Early Days
On the Road with Delbert McClinton
Hondo, Jackson and Charvel Guitars
A Good Run With Lee Roy Parnell
The Gear, Tools Of The Trade
Cloud Nine, Playing With Keith Richards
The Tribute Amplifier, Pure And Simple
Vol. 19 No. 2 - Dec 2017Vol. 19 No. 2 - Dec 2017

Behind the Scenes, The Making of Magnatone Amps, Super Fifty-Nine MK II Combo, Panoramic, Varsity Reverb

Larry Cragg's Favorite Magnatones, The Mono Twilighter-The Biggest Baddest Tone Ever, The Twighlighter Stereo-The Rock Star

Gregg Hopkins, New Modern Magnatones, Stellar Design and Construction

Maganatone Amp Reviews, Super Fifty-Nine MK II, 45 Watts of Brilliant Tone, Power & Unique Signature Tone

Panoramic Stereo, Lush & Rich- One of the New 'Must Have' Amps

Varsity Reverb, 15 Watts of the Best Signature Tones Money Can Buy