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Vol.22 No. 5 Mar 2021Vol.22 No. 5 Mar 2021

House Burning Down

Days Gone By

Interview Billy Rhinehart on Carp 'N Cod

A Genealogy: Guitars Come And Go, Yet One Remains

The Career of Joe Vallee

2014 Les Paul Traditional Lifted To Perfection

The 1963 Gibson LG-1

Vol.22 No. 3-4 Jan-Feb 2021Vol.22 No. 3-4 Jan-Feb 2021

The Joe Walsh Z-Master

The Z-Master Revealed


Bakos Builds A Masterpiece

The Legendary Fender 5E3 Deluxe Resurrected

How We Nailed The Tone Of The Deluxe

The 60's Melody Maker A Beater Restored

Anatomy Of An Icon

Jason Lollar On The Melody Maker Pickups

Larry Progreba On Sonny Landreth's Hub Cap Resonator

The Glorious Gold Reso

Vol.22 No.2 Dec 2020Vol.22 No.2 Dec 2020

Playing for the Song

Loud Music...the David Grissom Interview

Storyville Ahead Of Its Time

An Epiphone That Rocks

Richard Akers Product Development Manager Ephiphone

Working With JT Riboloff


Review Alnico Classic PRO

A New Speaker for the 'Beck' Pro Junior

On Speakers & Tubes... The Final Frontier In Chasing Extraordinary Tone

Vol.21 No.12 October 2020Vol.21 No.12 October 2020

Interview Lee Roy Parnell

Lee Roy's Abilene Sunset Les Paul

Still Raining, Still Dreaming... Ron Ellis' Lee Roy Parnell Humbucking Pickups

Celestial Tones From The Ruby 35W Speaker

Discovering Galalith

Talley Finds A Folkie Vox V229 Folk Twelve Electro

Vol.22 No.1 Nov 2020Vol.22 No.1 Nov 2020

 Interview Sonny Landreth The Bard of Breaux Bridge

Slide on This

Inspired by Chet...

Lowell George And 'A'

The Magic Of Clifton Chenier

Jamming With Clapton

The Tone Of Black Top Run

The 1983 Gibson Spirit

Jam Pedals From Greece Revealed

Strings - The Essence Of Tone

Vol.21 No.11 Sep 2020Vol.21 No.11 Sep 2020

From Blackguards To Strats - Nacho's Guitars

Interview Nacho On Strats

The Last Waterhole...

Another Martin Restoration Comes Home

Biscuits, Cookies, And A Perfectly Good Guitar...

Three Essential Tools For Acoustic Guitar...

Two Extraordinary Pedals For Acoustic Guitar

Reverb... Old, But Still Essential

The Grease In The Grind From Clarksdale

Tube Screamers Return

Vol.21 No.3-4 Jan-Feb 2020Vol.21 No.3-4 Jan-Feb 2020

 Jim Campilongo Recounts His Guitar Collection, Princetons, Effects And More

Ted Kornblum On The Success of Magnatone Amplification in 2020

Magnatone's Super Fifty-Nine M-80 & Super Fifteen True Performance Amplifiers

We Discover A Heady 1x12 That Renders Inspiring Vintage Tones

The Gibson GA18 The Little Amp That Can

1973 Princeton Reverb The Odyssey Continues

A Custom Built Verilli Tele Grabs Us!

Vol.21 No.5 Mar 2020Vol.21 No.5 Mar 2020

 A Visit With A Brilliant Guitarist Steve Wariner

Gretsch & Steve Wariner Create a Keepsake Guitar - Steve Wariner Signature Gretsch Nashville 6120

A Brief History of Epiphone

The Blonde Bomber... Utter Tonal Salvation In A 2010 Casino With a '50s P90

Jim Campilongo Set Us On the Path To Find A Marble Neck Tele & We Did

Neil Young's Tech & Lindy Frailin Wind A Stunner-Larry Cragg Tele Pickup

The Mighty EP-3 Preamp Pedal Catalinbread Belle Epoch EP-3

The Analogman Comprossor Essential To Your Tone

Vol.21 No.6 Apr 2020Vol.21 No.6 Apr 2020

 Seduced By A '76 Martin D-28

Bryan Kimsey Restores Our New, Old Martin

The Kimsey Method

Welcome To Grenville

Martins Only Please

It's The Bridge...

Big Bridge Plates

C.F. Martin The Roaring '70s: Interview With Dick Boak

Boak On Dumpster Diving

Misplaced Bridges

Wedge Fretting

Vol.21 No.7 May 2020Vol.21 No.7 May 2020

 Bryan Kimsey's Blow By Blow Description Of The Martin Restoration

Dirt Bike Inspriration: The Big Jump

Smoking Bridge Plates

Racoon Eyes

Steaming The Neck - Grandma's Pressure Cooker

The Neckset - No Wrong in Right!

The Long Nut Technique

The Gap & Extrapolation Method

A Fabulous Neck

James Pennebaker On Stephen Bruton's 1974 D-28

A Cradle Of Inspiration Returns Home


Vol.21 No.8 June 2020Vol.21 No.8 June 2020

 White Bird

The White Peguin

A Really Reliced Tele...

The Collings 00 14-Fret Diminutive Masterpiece

Dreadnaught For The Ages

Our 1x12 Extension Cab Rocks

Compression is Good

Reverb In A Compact Pedal Form that Really Works

'60s Fuzz & More

Fender Squire Stratocaster With Fishman Fluence Pickups

A Brown Deluxe Claimed By Bonamassa

The Black Beauty 1972 Was a Good Year

An Encore Performance From A '70s Relic

The Meteor Cool Vintage Tones Abound


Vol.21 No.9-10 Jul-Aug 2020Vol.21 No.9-10 Jul-Aug 2020

Illuminating Interview With Chris Rose Eminence Speakers

An Eminence ToneFest... Sixteen Game Changing Speaker Reviews

Tom Guerra When We Needed It Most... "Sudden Signs of Grace"

Dr. Z Ressurects A Low Power Version Of The Z Wreck!

The Cleanest Blackface Ever Found...

A PAF & Patent Number Conundrum...

The Burst Off Six '59 Les Pauls

The Fuchs ODS Classic, Inspired by Dumble A Virgin Cream Puff Found-1967 Gibson ES335

Vol.21 N0. 2 Dec 2019Vol.21 N0. 2 Dec 2019

The Stratocaster A Legendary & Iconic Guitar That Nearly Faded From History

Bill Nash Sends A Brilliant Ocean Turquoise Metalllic Strat

Reviewed The Lollar Special Strat Pickups

Sonny Landreth's Lowdown on His Strats For Stage & Recording

Todd Sharp What It's Like Playing His '59 & A $200 Ivory Mexican Strat

Interview Lindy Fralin & HIs Deep Range Of Stratocaster Pickups

Interview Slider aka Rod McQueen A Fascinating Visit With Slider From Down Under...

Vol. 21 No.1 Nov 2019 Vol. 21 No.1 Nov 2019

Fender Silverface Princeton Reverb

Jim Campilongo Inspires A Tone Quest

Our $164, Thirty Thousand Dollar Telecaster

Review The Brown Jug Is As Good As It Gets-An Instant Classic

Interview Dave Allen Builds Another Stunner

We Find An Extraordinary Classical Guitar For $319

When It Comes To Guitar Speakers, We've Never Had It So Good

Exposing The Dark Art of Speaker Manufacturing With John Sanchez Of WGS...

Vol. 20 No.12 Oct 2019Vol. 20 No.12 Oct 2019

 A Collection Of Our Most Intense 20th Anniversary Rants Selected Especially For You!

Cesar Diaz On Stevie and Tone

Hubert Sumlin I'll Play Any Of 'Em

Billy F Gibbons On The 'Burst

Leslie West It Was a Piece Of  Wood With A Microphone On It

Peter Frampton Unveils His Marshall Rig!

Eric Burdon On Hendrix...

Double Trouble, Trouble Indeed

Stephen Bruton The Dumble Is My Voice

Larry Cragg Neil Young's Toneman Speaks

JImbo Mathis Straight (well not really) From Clarksdale

Vol.20 No.11 Sep 2019Vol.20 No.11 Sep 2019

The Strad-O-Lin...

If You Can Handle The Installation & You Have A Preamp The K&K's Are Great

Two Very Old Guitars Become Brilliantly Amplified

ToneDexter Co-Founder James May Lifts The Veil On The ToneDexter

We Audition The ToneDexter With An Assortment Of Guitars, Pickups & Mics

A Historic Brand Just Gets Better

Excellent Volume, Beautiful Tones, The Loudbox Simply Works

An Effective Boost & Tone Enhancing Preamp

A Pedal That Works As Advertised

An Acoustic Wonder... L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic D.I.

Vol. 20 No.9-10 Jul-Aug 2019Vol. 20 No.9-10 Jul-Aug 2019

Jay Jay French The Complete, Unabridged, Uncensored Story of Twisted Sister

The Clapton Effect

Guitar Heroes

Jay Jay At The Fillmore



The Beginning of Twisted Sister

Gordon Kennedy On The ToneDexter & The Odyssey of Change The World

Peter Frampton On The ToneDexter

What $774 Buys In The Acoustic World Today - The Farida OT-65 X Wide VBS

Vol 20. No. 8 Jun 2019Vol 20. No. 8 Jun 2019

Gordon Kennedy On Guitars, Amps & The Mighty Fine Note

Review The Gibson SG As Good As It Gets By Sheer Luck

Review Steady Rocker Dave Allen's Classic 57 Amp

Which Type of Amp Works For You

Review Carr Rockets Another Winning Design With The Telstar

Review The Khan Pak Amp A Monumental Shift In Guitar Amps Is Upon Us!

Vol. 20 No.7 May 2019Vol. 20 No.7 May 2019

 The Beater Les Paul Traditional-An Abused Guitar Gets a Second Chance At Becoming Extraordinary

RS Guitarworks, Roy Bowen On Optimizing Your Guitar

Top Guitarists You Should Know (If Not Study)

Scott Peterson On Winding Better Coils

It Always Comes Down to $200

Dr. Z Reveals The Secret Sauce That Makes The Nova One Of His Finest Works To Date

The New Dr. Z Nova Rocks Our World And It Is Destined to Rock Yours, Too

The Speaker Workshop, Reconing Don Right & Better Than Vintage

The Danelectro Alternative

Vol. 20 No. 06 Apr 2019Vol. 20 No. 06  Apr 2019


Joe Robinson A Magnificent Player With All The Right Tools

Interview Building Extraordinary Guitars One By One A Rewarding Adventure With Chuck Thornton

Thornton Classic II Hot Rod Series How A Small-Batch Custom Builder Surpassed Our Expectations...

CP Thornton Classic III #523 A Stratocaster...Only Better!

The Gibson GA-19 RVT Redux Resurrected, Restored & Reprised

Todd Sharp Resurrects Our Derelict GA-19 RVT

Vol. 20 NO. 5 Mar 2019Vol. 20 NO. 5 Mar 2019

Interview Mark Johnson-Sliding All The Way

Interview BarryGrzebik & His Grez Mendocino

Review The Grez Mendocino-A Fine Example Of The Builder's Art

Review Wild & Wooly '60s Gibson GA-19 RVT Amp

Review Making Sweet Music With The PRS Hollowbody II

WGS Creates A Ten Inch Speaker That Simply Rules In a Big, Big Way

Review For Those About to Rock-A Hot Rodded Les Paul Deluxe

Review The ES125T-A Players Guitar

Dialing In Yer Tone

On Tubes & Speakers-The Final Frontier In Chasing Extraordinary Tone

Vol. 20, NO. 3-4 Jan-Feb 2019Vol. 20, NO. 3-4 Jan-Feb 2019

The Echoplex EP-2, Still A Classic And In Many Ways An Indespensable Enhancement For Your Guitar

Another Innovative And Truly Stellar Amplifier From Steve Carr

Lone Star Terra Firma By Riverhorse

Buying On The Web

How Larry Progreba Creates Wooden Treasures From The Jungles Of Belize

Zachary Vex, Still Building Truly Great Effects ZVEX '59 Sound Distortion Pedal

Interview Bobby Tyson: The Fine Art Of Winding True PAF Replica Pickups

The Kramer 650G, A Modern Oddity In Guitar Construction

Vol. 20 No.2 Dec 2018Vol. 20 No.2 Dec 2018

Finally, One of the Greatest Guitar Players We Know Is Building His Own Amps

Beautifully Built & Voiced The JOAT 20W Is a Work of Playable Art

Pedalmania - Cheap Thrills!

Larry Davis On the Remarkable Growth of WD Music Products

The Lollar DB Humbucking Pickup - Bloom, Volume & Definition Personified

Inexpensive Guitars Just Keep Getting Better, The '50s Les Paul Tribute Is A Keeper

The Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster - Excellent In All The Right Ways A Truly Exceptional SG From A Vintage Era

Vol. 19 No.01 Nov 2018Vol. 19 No.01 Nov 2018

 The Unobtainable Are Obtainable Once More. The Road Worn Series

The Road Worn Stratocaster, The Best Old "Modern" Strat We Have Ever Played

The Road Worn Telecaster, An Exceptional True Keeper (Forever) An Unbelievable Price

Bob Willcutt, An Accomplished Industry Pro Who Plays What He Sells

Ben Fargen Inspired Amp Builder, Guitar Player And Tone Freak

The Fargen 45 Watt Plexi

Benjamin W. LaGrange Handmade Guitars

An Exquisitely Built Guitar Comes To Us From An Unlikely Location...