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Vol. 18 No. 01 - Nov 2016Vol. 18 No. 01 - Nov 2016

He's back... the return of Jason Lollar.
Introducing the Rock-N-Roll Relics Heartbreaker Les Paul
Dax & Co. Gibson Les Paul Relic
Dennis Fano's Rivolta Combinata
The J Rockett Blue Note Overdrive
Raw Vintage Pickups
The magic of Jerry Kennedy

Vol. 18 No. 02 - Dec 2016Vol. 18 No. 02 - Dec 2016

'68 Super Reverb - Perfect Rock & Roll Amp
JOAT 45 Effortless, Clean & Overdriven Tones
The Wolf - A Damn Good Guitar
Swart MOD Ampilfier
VIntage Paradise Les Paul
Gainesville Acorn 30W
Gibson 2014 Melody Maker
Kendrick Super Duper Reverb
Allen Hot Fudge w/Nuts
Jim Mouradian Guitars

Vol. 18 No. 03 - 04 - Jan/Feb 2017Vol. 18 No. 03 - 04 - Jan/Feb 2017

Trampling Out the Vintage with Fender & Gibson
Tom Guerra and Cutting Tracks
Jim Weider and the Wide Range Humbucker
Bob Feather Telenator Pickups
Diamond Series Schecter TSH-1
Wolf WATM Guitar
2011 Les Paul Traditional
Fender FSR Blues Junior III
Johnny Winterized
Brian Mendes and Colossal Cable
Smart People Factory Green Line Ego Booster

Vol. 18 No. 05 - Mar 2017Vol. 18 No. 05 - Mar 2017

Nach Banos Esquire - A perfect time warp
The New Carr Mercury V Another winner from Steve Carr
The K100 - Old School Tone
Weber Proluxe Deluxe Tweed
Oriolo Guitar Company
Spotlight on Dick Boak, C.F. Martin & Co.
1972 Reissue Fender Thinline Tele
The Tornado Stealth Line - The Jensen Jet
Joy in the Quest for Tone with Troy Cook

Vol. 17 No. 01 - Nov 2015Vol. 17 No. 01 - Nov 2015

The toneful addiction of the handwired Vox AC30
What to buy and our recommended modifications for tone that inspires!
Introducing a truly great and classic guitar that can be had cheap!
The Gibson 120th Anniversary Firebird
An essential upgrade with Lollar Firebird pickups
Great small amp - The Allen LF model amplifier
Meet Val McCallum…
Guitarist with Jackson Browne, Val talks tone as only he can!
The Supro 1696TM Amplifier
BC Audio JTX 50 Octal Plexi - Another killer amp from BC Audio
1970 Gibson J45
The beauty of the magical 4x12 cab
Allstar pedal review
The $100 Danelectro
You need this: Ampeg Reverberocket!

Vol. 17 No. 02 - Dec 2015Vol. 17 No. 02 - Dec 2015

The Park Model 1212
Greg Martin of the Kentucky Headhunters on Marshall amps
The Gibson ES390 and ES339
The Fender Vaporizer
1970 Gibson J45
L.R. Baggs M 80 Pickup
How to Find Rare Gear
To Wah or Not
After the Gold Rush Blues Jr.
Lindy Fralin Firebird Pickups
Bill Finnegan's Klon II - as good as the original

Vol. 17 No. 03 - 04 Jan/Feb 2016Vol. 17 No. 03 - 04 Jan/Feb 2016

Pro players with remarkable tone...
Introducing Larry Campbell, Nalle Colt. Jesse Hoff and our old friend Bob Margolin...
Revisiting Lazy J amps with two new models in the works
Bob Margolin and a new solo album
Larry Campbell on guitars, tone and playing with Jackson Browne
Our favorite amp (so far).
One of our favorite guitars
Cheap guitars
How much power is enough?
A classic amp cheap - the Silverface Vibrolux Reverb

Vol. 17 No. 05 - Mar 2016Vol. 17 No. 05 - Mar 2016

The toneful addiction of the handwired Vox AC30
An interview with Blackberry Smoke guitarist Charlie Starr
Gordon Kennedy records a new album with some old friends, plus Peter Frampton and Ricky Skaggs
The Homestead BF25 - one killer little amp with big tones!
Modern Les Paul Junior - is the G Force tuning for you?
The Reverend Manta Ray
Wampler's answer to the most expensive overdrive on the planet - the Tumnus
Fender classic '72 thinline Telecaster
J Rockett the Dude pedal
Gibson Custom Shop long scale Les Paul
The saga of the Klon
The cornerstone of guitar tone - the 12AX7 tube

Vol. 17 No. 06 - Apr 2016Vol. 17 No. 06 - Apr 2016

'51 Squier electric
The classic Supro Thunderbolt
An excellent custom no-name Tele
The story of V Picks
The new Carr Lincoln amp
Louis Electric amps
Gibson Les Paul Junior
Lehle mono volume pedal
National deluxe amp
The excellent Squier Stratocaster
How to buy used guitars
Buying amps
Super Hard-0n
Allen Hot Fudge amps

Vol. 17 No. 07 - May 2016Vol. 17 No. 07 - May 2016

Dr. Z Interview
Dr. Z Maz 38
The New Dr. Z DB4
The Johnny A Signature Guitar
An Interview with Johnny A
Chris Kroenlein Custom Guitars
The Jimi Hendrix Signature Guitar
The Nachocaster - As Good As It Gets

Vol. 17 No. 08 - Jun 2016Vol. 17 No. 08 - Jun 2016

A visit with Juha Ruokangas
Ruokangas Unicorn Classic Review
Kleing Pickups - excellent replacement pickups for your best guitars...
Les Paul Jr - Another Les Paul variation that rocks
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe - one of the best amps Fender has ever built

Vol. 17 No. 09 -10 July/Aug 2016Vol. 17 No. 09 -10 July/Aug 2016

Fender Brown Deluxe - another classic amp from Fullerton
Les Paul '59 Historic - the perfect Les Paul!
Collings D1AT - More of the good thing from Collings
How to Get Great Tone from guys that know
Mitch Colby on the best AC30 yet
Chris Swope
Webb Wilder is back

Vol. 17 No. 11 - Sept 2016Vol. 17 No. 11 - Sept 2016

The Gibson GA15 - Big Sound in a Small Package
The Headstrong Sultan
Swope Guitars
Les Paul Relic - We find a Keeper!
Why Play a Beater?
The Lazy J35
Dumble... Still Classic
Xotic Effects RC Booster - Better than Ever!

Vol. 17 No. 12 - Oct 2016Vol. 17 No. 12 - Oct 2016

Sterling Imports Hiwatt Lead 30 Amp
Introducing Matt Eady and Eady Guitars
Cozart Firebird - A new guitar for $160?
Fender Baja Tele - One of our favorite guitars of all time.
TQR amp picks
Affordable guitars to die for
High dollar heaven
From a Salt Marsh - Riverhorse is back!
Greg Martin on the latest Headhunter album

Vol. 16 No. 01 - Nov 2014Vol. 16 No. 01 - Nov 2014

Timeless classic tone... you either have it or you don't.
The '65 AB165 Bassman - a very toneful blackface Fender that has been overlooked until now...
Tom Colvin from the Speaker Worskshop on tone
Bruce Clement's excellent BC Audio Amplifiers
The best 335 ever - the Memphis Custom Shop Rich Robinson Signature 335
Nordstrand Tele Pickups revealed
The Sawmill Jr. Overdrive

Vol. 16 No. 02 - Dec 2014Vol. 16 No. 02 - Dec 2014

Ampology...We roll out new vintage amps for yoour consideration from expensive to downright cheap!
'56 Fender Pro
The Brown Box power unit... Are yu running yur vintage amps at the proper voltage?
An affordable Stratocaster designed by a Fender Masterbuilder
Pickup swaps... Amalfitano Stratocaster pickups and the 60th Anniversary set from Mojotone
Tom Holmes humbuckers in our new Rich Robinson Signature 335
The classic Gibson GA40 amp
1976 Marshall 50 watt - cheap and better than good!

Vol. 16 No. 03 - 04 Jan/Feb 2015Vol. 16 No. 03 - 04 Jan/Feb 2015

Gibson Memphis... Before Chicago Memphis was the blues capitol of the world...
How Dewey Phillips rocked the world from Memphis
Welcome to Gibson Memphis...
Our interview with Mike Voltz
The Anatomy of a Gibson - our reviews
ES175, ES345 Varitone, ES LesPaul
ES390, ES335, ES345
The best amps for semi-hollow guitars
Gordon Kennedy and Peter Frampton's Hummingbird in a Box
RS Guitarworks Surfmaster and Less Master

Vol. 16 No. 05 Mar 2015Vol. 16 No. 05 Mar 2015

Affordable Traynor Gear
Guitar Mate Reverb & YBA-1A Mk II Amp
PRS HX/DA 30 Watt Amplifier
2010 Les Paul Junior
Juha Ruokangas Duke & Unicorn Guitars
Cp Thornton Guitars
10th Anniversary & Contoured Legend Special

Vol. 16 No. 06 Apr 2015Vol. 16 No. 06 Apr 2015

RetroKing Tremolux
The Matchless Brave
Fender Roadworn Strat
T Rex Alberta Overdrive
Mark Johnson of Delta Moon
The 2015 Gibson Flying V 120
Rockett Archer Overdrive Pedal
Headstrong Verbrovibe Amp

Vol. 16 No. 07 - May 2015Vol. 16 No. 07 - May 2015

Are you ready? Another stellar Jerry Jones guitar
The new Supro amps... better than vintage!
The Royal Reverb - 1624 Dual Tone - Thunderbolt Plus
The inspired mind of Jerry Jones
Our review of a 1998 Jerry Jones with Bigsby
Maximum bang for the buck in NOS tubes with Mike Kropotkin
Wampler Effects!
Faux Tape echo
Sovereign Distortion
Clarksdale Delta Overdrive
Lindy Fralin pickups
Greenchild Tribus Drive

Vol. 16 No. 08 - June 2015Vol. 16 No. 08 - June 2015

Nacho Guitars and why Nacho is the king of the Telecaster The full story plus our review of the Nachocaster The '68 Fender Twin Reverb - still hard to beat! Our favorite tools for stellar tone revealed! Gibson J45 Fender Vibrochamp Ampeg Gemenii II Magnatone Tonemaster 1960 Fender Deluxe Gibson GA40

Vol. 16 No. 09 -10 July/Aug 2015Vol. 16 No. 09 -10 July/Aug 2015

Jackson Browne gear & memories
Gabriel Currie and Echopark Guitars...
Visit with Jim Campilongo - new album!
Bill Nash’s excellent S-63 Strat
Bill Nash Interview
Nash NGDP fuzz
Dr. Z MAZ38
Dr. Z on building exceptional amps

Vol. 16 No. 11 - Sept 2015Vol. 16 No. 11 - Sept 2015

Todd Sharp Amplifiers... Our exclusive interview with Todd plus our review of his signature amp!
The '62 Vibrolux Reverb - the best amp Fender ever built?
Yellow Cake Effects - Fried Gold and Furry Burrito
The Analogman Envelope Filter
The Echopark Vibramatic Amp!
A history of Selmer Amplifiers... The vintage Selmer Zenith Reverb Amp
Speakers! The Tone Tubby Purple Haze

Vol. 16 No. 12 - Oct 2015Vol. 16 No. 12 - Oct 2015

Epiphone Elitist Les Paul - better than you can imagine
Epiphone John Lennon Casino - as good as it gets at a bargain price
NGDP overdrive Pedal - perfection from Bill Nash
Speaker reviews
Hermida Zen Drive - still among the best
CP Thornton Legend Special
Thornton bass!
Gibson GA-18 tweed - one of the best vintage amps you can buy
'65 Vibrolux Reverb - a classic you deserve to own
Lindy Fralin pickup review
Born Guitars
The Firebird - a toneful bargain
the Vertex wah