Vol. 7 No. 10 - August 2006

Vol. 7 No. 10 - August 2006
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Where is Eric Burdon?  Our exclusive interview with the Animals' legend. No, he isn't a guitar player, but Burdon's account of the British Invasion, Hendrix' rise to fame and the Animals chart-topping hits is unforgettable, essential reading.     

Interview – Hilton Valentine…The original Animals guitarist’s ascension to fame, the disappearing gear, rose colored  glasses and the return to skiffle.
Interview – Eric McFadden…Amplified archtops, gut string guitars, hot pedals & a Twin… Burdon’s touring guitarist on taking the road less traveled
Review – Mister Blows Jangles – The Danelectro DC 12… Finally, an affordable, playable electric 12-string with TONE!
Review – The perfect $295 slider... The Dano '56 Pro
Interview – Victoria's Mark Baier on the new Victoria Regal amp
Review – Our review of the Regal
Review – Steal this amp! The 1960 brown Fender Pro 6G5
Review – Can’t touch this… The reissue fOXX Tone Machine


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