Vol. 6 No. 10 - August 2005

Vol. 6 No. 10 - August 2005
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The Mythology of Tone...Are you a slave to hype?
Interview – Busting myths in Finland… Meet Juha Ruokangas
Review – Ruokangas Duke and Mojo Grande Guitars
Articles – 13 Myths Revealed
Are the best guitars are still built in the USA?
Are the best “tone woods” still mahogany, alder, ash, rosewood & spruce?
Is Nitro still the best finish?
Are the thinnest finishes really found on the most expensive guitars?
Archtop guitars – good for more than jazz, swing & retirement?
Are handwired, point-topoint amps always superior to PC board tube amps?
Do the lightest guitars always sound best?
Completely original vintage amps always sound best, right?
Figured tops on guitars...do they matter?
How risky is eBay?
Does the gear you play matter, or is tone really in the hands?


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