Vol. 6 No. 06 - April 2005

Vol. 6 No. 06 - April 2005
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The Speaker Issue... Coils, Spiders and Cones
Interview – Chris Rose on the Eminence Redcoat and Patriot Series
Review - Are Your Speakers Lame? Light Up Your Tone with the easiest “amp mod” you can do & more solid choices than ever before …
Reviews – The Eminence Patriot & Redcoat Series with Chris Rose, straight from Eminence, KY!
Review - Speaker Reviews… Our picks from Eminence
Reviews – More speaker tips from Todd Sharp
Review – The 1x12 amp that changes everything… The Fender brown Vibrolux Part 2
Review – The Myth of the Low Power Brown Twin Amp...Fake or Fact? You be the judge…
Review – Affordable vintage guitars - we uncover another sleeper from Nashville...
Who's Playing What? Buddy Guy...


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